As we all know the earthquake has caused great losses. On the one hand, if the pain has lost a loved one often does not reduce fear of aftershocks. Normal life has been a struggle. While lodging has not yet been well if the problem is on the one hand shelter.

We had sent a group of 7 youth volunteers the group led by our Sales and Marketing Manager Santoshi. The team took shelter in the Kavre district 5 villages where till now no body rescue had reached there. 5 villages name are Mane, Bhaishe, Purano Namsha, Vigur, and Dhamai tol. We collected sanitizers and made a team of 12, after adding 5 volunteers from the villages youth people to our task force of 7 Santoshi distributing the supplies to the villagers tents for 167 family, 60 mattress and 53 blankets are for those family who have destroyed their houses by the earthquakes this things are person requires to survive and medicines too. And some chocolate for kids

We are able to help earthquake victims personally through the help from circle of our friends. We are very happy to do this great work. We are thankful to all our supporters and friends. Without their support we would have never been able to do this great work. Our special thanks to Veronica

May 22, 2015